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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bratty Cass

This is my cutie-pie at her sweetest.  She looks so angelic and demure in this picture - wearing her GAP rainbow dress and high heeled sandals.  Those are MY sandals ok and she refused to removed them during our recent staycation at Westin Hotel. She wore it from room to room to ph8t like a little aunty. We rented three rooms.  Her grandma and 2 sisters stayed in one and another room was occupied by her aunt and cousin from Hong Kong. 

She can be really bratty at times and is a big bully to her 2 older sisters. Well, not that her 2 older sisters are easily bullied. In fact, they are just as bullish and stubborn as her. So can you imagine the commotion in the house when the three of them fight?  I so want to run away from it all whenever the war erupts at home!

Today, this brat held her grandma and I ransom.  After I picked her up from kindy, I then sent the MIL to the hair salon. But this brat wanted to follow her grandma too.  She had not eaten her lunch yet. We told her that grandma would be long as she needed a foot massage too after having her hair cut. But this bull headed brat just refused to get into the car to follow me home. There was some pulling and tugging - with me pulling her away and she, tugging her grandma who was outside the car. There was no way this brat would listen to us.  She was downright stubborn and would not listen.  People were staring at us and laughing at the commotion.  Shiats, I hate that brat and was on the verge of giving her 2 tight slaps on her cheeks when grandma blurted out the just right words at the spur of the moment to placate the brat -- she paid the ransom, which was a one Ringgit note, to calm down the brat.  That was just so wrong! To bribe a kid with money. But we had no choice. It was about to rain and grandma had to get her hair and foot massage done. And I had to bring the brat home for lunch and to wait for Alycia to return. I so hated it that Cass can be so easily subdued with money!

For what Cass had to put her grandma and I through today, I grounded her with a 10-day ban from watching TV!

So now you know why I have a love-hate-relationship with Cass.  She can be as nice as a pie one moment, with words pouring out from her mouth as sweet as honey.  But she can turn into a monstrous brat the next moment, sending my blood pressure rise sky high and turning me instantly into a monster mom!

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