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Friday, August 29, 2014

Cassandra's Random Drawings

Cass was down with a stomach flu and had a colicky tummy for the past two days.  Today she felt slightly better and could get up from the couch to start drawing again.

Lately, my flower-loving girl has been telling me about her "PLAN" when she is a working adult.  She even wrote out her "plan".

Here goes her plan:
1) Buy me a big house to stay with her
2) Buy me my favorite kind of dog - a Golden Retriever, Beagle or Dalmation
3) Hire a maid to help me
4) Plant lots of flowers in the garden

In the car yesterday, Cass told her daddy and me that she loves gardening. She hopes to have a garden like granny's in Ipoh.  And she would plant her favorite sunflower and Rafflesia in her garden.  Wait a minute... Rafflesia??  I told her that Rafflesia can only be found in the deep jungles of Sumatra.  Cass then told me her "plan" includes hiring a jungle guide to bring her into the deep jungle to search for her favorite flower - the Rafflesia! HAHA!  She gasped when I told her that the Rafflesia is bigger than her in diameter.

Just a moment ago, she drew this...

She even penned down her signature!  Cass drew and wrote everything herself except checked with me on the spelling of Rafflesia :)

Cass at 6 years 4 months.
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