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Friday, August 15, 2014

Deadly Curse

There is this particular house along the main road at my neighborhood that catches my attention each time I drive pass it.  Each time I see the placard with a handwritten  death curse hung on the lime tree outside the house, I would tell myself to make a mental note to blog about it.

There is a huge lime tree outside this owner's house.  On the tree is a huge placard with this deadly curse written on it: "Siapa you curi buah, dia akan MATI!!" which means "whoever steals the fruit will die!!" when translated into English.

I can understand how frustrated the owner must have felt each time someone plucks the lime from his tree. I remember that we used to have a very fertile guava tree planted by my late grandma outside our old house in Ipoh. Passers-by could not resist stealing those tempting fruits hanging all over the tree.  There was this pregnant lady on a black bicycle who loved to steal pluck the guavas from our tree.  Sometimes when black dots appeared on our guava fruits, my late grandma would say that it is
caused by the pregnant lady who touched our tree.  My grandma would go ballistic each time a juicy fruit that she had been eyeing on her tree went missing and stolen by passers-by.  Yep, my late grandma had loads of credulous superstitious beliefs.  Even till today, I can't seem to shake off many of the superstitions planted into my head, that originated from China. I was brought up by my grandma as my parents were at work most of the time. She was a fantastic, loving and very capable lady who came to Malaya from China to escape poverty and single handedly raised my mum.

Anyway, back to the deadly curse written by the owner of the lime tree.  Do you think that the owner has gone overboard with the curse? Or would you have done the same too?

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