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Monday, December 1, 2014

Magnetic Bracelets

Last week, the hubby spent over five hundred bucks on some ankle guards and titanium knee brace from a well-known shop that sells sports and wellness products. With his hefty purchase of only 2 items, he was given free membership and also a free session of oxygen therapy in a special tent. My jaw almost dropped when the sales manager told me that the tent costs RM80,000!!   Yup you read it right - eighty thousand bucks!! The tent looked like an ordinary plastic tent from the outside but in the inside, it looks likes some kind of chamber. Only one person can fit into the RM80k tent when the oxygen is being administered. I think I am going to claim the free oxygen therapy session from the hubs coz I think I deserve it the most! :D
While at the shop, I was tempted to get myself a health bracelet as I am still having pins and needles on my hands every morning. But upon checking out the price tag, I had another jaw-dropping moment! I rather try those magnetic bracelets  that many have raved about for healing carpal tunnel, arthritis and tendinitis. And these magnetic bracelets are way more affordable.  You can click on the link here to get more information for magnetic bracelets.
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