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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Eventful Dinner, LOL

After a successful first try grilling fish with kafir lime leaves, I could not wait to try it again.  And this time, I had a bad experience with this vengeful fish!!

There was this really big fish greeting me in the freezer each time I opened the door, ever since the mil went to Hong Kong 3 weeks ago and I have to take charge of cooking. I did not know who bought the fish. I only found out after that fateful night that hubby's friend gave it to him.

I have a confession to make.  I have a phobia of cooking big dressed fishes or chicken.  I normally buy small fishes or sliced ones.  For chicken, I buy specific parts like drumsticks or deboned thighs. I have no time and interest to chop a dead animal into pieces and I have never chopped a whole big chicken before!  Neither have I de-scaled a fish before. It's just too messy, fishy and dirty and I don't like having fingers that smell fishy the whole day.

Since the mil would be back soon, I thought I better cook that big fish, lest I get a tongue-lashing from her on why I did not cook it.

After the fish was thawed, I wanted to cut diagonal lines into the flesh but sharks, why was the fish so hard I thought?!  I used the kitchen chopper to scrape the skin and found out that the scales were intact!!  And it ain't gutted too!  I didn't know how to pan dress a fish, dang it!   I have never de-scaled a fish in my entire life coz the fish seller always does it for me.  So... long story cut short, the aftermath was a total disaster.  Plasticky fish scales were flying everywhere. I had to shower after that and had to clean up the freaking dirty kitchen too.   The fins on both sides of the fish were sharp like needles and I got bloody poked more than 5 times.   I so wanted to throw the fish away and tell the kids that we were going out to eat that night.

But I persevered. Nightmare for me. Did I tell you that cooking is just not my cuppa? Well, if I still had a full-time maid, I don't mind cooking. But I hate the preparation and the washing up, period.  I cook only for the love of my 3 precious.

And my perseverance paid off. My wannabe Thai style grilled fish was awesome pawsome.  The flesh was moist and the way I marinated the fish by cutting diagonal lines into the flesh and stuffing kafir lime leaves, spices and condiments into the flesh produced a very flavorful fish, right up to the bones.

I also did a stir-fried four angle beans with minced pork, which is the girls' favorite.

The girls licked the fish bones clean but at the end of the dinner, I learnt another lesson. I found out that I did not remove the fish stomach!  LOL!!!

Good lesson learnt for the girls as well.  I always tell them that cooking is a must-have survival skill. Now they know what to do if they want to dish out a perfect fish dish.

I told my girls the story that came with this delish fish dish and they all had a good laugh and Cass kissed all the holes on my fingers :)

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