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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Easy Home-cooked Meals and Tips From HFM

No oil splatters, one-pot meals, steaming, grilling, sandwiches -- I am sure these are common words of busy mothers who prefer to squeeze out some time each day to dish out home-cooked meals for their kids. They are my favorites too and I have trained my kids to enjoy simple and nourishing home-cooked meals that are low in sodium, oil and sugar.

These are some of my simple and easy to prepare meals that I dished out two days ago.

Chicken bones soup with sweet corns and Chinese cabbage.  If you plan on only cooking this soup as a one-pot dish, you can even add in some minced meat, chicken drumsticks or fish paste into the soup.  I think this is good enough for the entire family. Get ready some organic soy sauce for dipping if your little one prefers some colors and saltiness in their food.  Or add in a teaspoon of organic miso paste into the soup. Or throw in some seaweed into the soup.  Be creative and throw in wholesome stuff into your pot! :D

You can also pre-wash the veggies on your free days and store them properly in the fridge. Buy organic veggies if you can so you don't have to do so many rounds of washing. Your kids can also help you wash the veggies.  On really busy days, just serve raw tomatoes, celery or cucumbers. They are just as good as green leafy veggies.

Steamed minced pork with eggs.  I prepared two plates of this.  One plate was for dinner and the other was for lunch the next day. I also cooked extra rice for lunch the next day. So, one less worry the next day :)

For busy mums, you can also pre-cook your meals and freeze them for future use. I don't like to freeze or chill my meals too long. I normally eat them within the same week.

You can also prepare a minced pork dish by chopping up some spinach or watercress veggie, carrots, mushrooms (you will have meat and veggie in one plate!) and add them to the pork.  Spice up the dish with sesame seed oil, garlic oil, pepper and salt or soy sauce.   Separate the meat mixture into a few stainless steel plates and freeze separately.  All you have to do is to thaw the frozen plate of minced pork in the morning before leaving the house and pop the dish into the wok when you return in the evening. And your entire family gets to eat a hearty and healthy home-cooked meal everyday :)

Just another tip for an easy peasy meal from a health freak mommy! ;)

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