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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Lunch For Cass - 22 April 2015

Lunch for Cass yesterday...

Smoothie of the day, comprising of oranges, green apples, white dragon fruit, fresh coconut water and Sunkist Pure Premium 100% orange juice (no sugar and additives added. About RM11 a box).
The orange juice is to mask the earthy and raw taste from the white dragon fruit.  I used dragon fruit so that the constipated ones can evacuate easier. Dragon fruits have a very good laxative effect. Cass poo-ed twice after this powerful concoction!!

The smoothie nicely stored in a glass jar with screw tight cap in the fridge. Do remember to fill up your juices and smoothies to the top of the jar and tightly close the jar or bottle to prevent oxidation from occurring. Everyone in the family gets a jar of smoothie every single day!

I made an eleventh hour decision to cook fried rice for Cass.  Since I had some overnight cooked white and brown rice in the fridge, I decided to fry them as Cass does not like plain rice.  I only used 5 main ingredients, with no meat in the fried rice, i.e. scallions, tomato, kafir lime leaves (yes, I still have some in the freezer!), 3 eggs and sweet corn kernels.  I was too lazy (and busy) to chop garlic or onions so I used scallions. Scallions are just as aromatic as onions and really handy dandy to always keep a bunch in your fridge. I add them to omelettes, fried rice, dishes and everything! After all scallions are the offsprings of onions, so they have pretty similar taste.  I hate peeling and chopping onions too. So scallions are my best alternative!

My result was a really aromatic and YUMMY plate of fried rice, ala Thai. And it's healthy too, with very little rice used. As you can see, the ingredients outnumber the rice.  You really got to give this super easy fried rice a try. No meat, garlic or onions are used yet the powerful natural fragrance from the kafir lime leaves and scallions add so much flavor to it. I seasoned the fried rice with sesame seed oil, garlic salt, pepper, a dash of light soy sauce and tomato ketchup.

The bowl of braised garlic soy sauce chicken with star anise, palm sugar and blackstrap molasses was leftover from last night's dinner.   Cass and I enjoyed our simple homecooked lunch very much and I even had enough of fried rice for Sherilyn to bring to school this morning :)

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