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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Should I Or Should I Not Let My Blogs Die?

My 2 dot com blogs died again!! Apparently, some Inode issues cropped up... yet again!  So pissed off with the technical staff at the website host.  They are suggesting that I pay several thousands to upgrade my Inode.  And mind you, I had just paid RM800 in November last year to renew the domain for 2 years! WTF!

Thankfully I still have my faithful  and super user-friendly Blogspot blog. This is my very first baby you know?  When I first started blogging in April 2007, I started with a free blog host, speaking of which, I just remembered that this blog is 8 years old this month!!!  I started to blog way before Cass was born.  This blog journals the moment I conceived Cass to when the gynae broke the bad news to me that Cass had a dilated right kidney, to the day she was born to the day she was operated on. And it pens down lots of happy moments and sad ones too. Oh, how I love my first baby blog!   It was only months later that I purchased my own domain.

If all avenues to save my dot com blogs fail, I may have to let them die *SOBS*  Honestly, do you think that it is feasible for me to pay a few  thousand Ringgit each year to save the 2 blogs?   Sometimes I wonder why I am paying so much to maintain 2 extra blogs.  It's not like I can earn thousands of USD  from the blogs like I used to way back in 2007.   Or  that I am a super star blogger garnering millions of readers each month, though I must say that I get tens of thousands of visitors each month to each blog :D

Decisions decisions to make now!  No wonder my right eye lid has been twitching the past few days. Each time danger, sickness or problem looms, my right eye lid would twitch on end for days as a sign of premonition to me. Pretty creepy eh?

So, wish Health Freak Mommy a very happy 8th birthday!  And honestly, do you think that I should  pay my website host to save my 2 dot com blogs?

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