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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cass' Chinese Story-Telling Competition

Cass was chosen to take part in a Chinese story competition about 2 months back. Initially, she declined to take part in the competition, citing reasons that her Chinese is not good and lack of confidence to go up stage. However, after I encouraged her to take part in the competition and spoke to her teacher, she agreed to take part. Her teacher gave her a Chinese story book and asked her to memorize the book.

Days and weeks past and the story-telling competition gradually slipped my very occupied mind. I suddenly remembered about the story-telling competition just last week! I thought that we still have another month to practice. I asked Cass to check with her teacher again on the date of the competition. I started to panic when we were told that the story-telling competition is in  one and a half week's time, holy moly! There isn't enough time to go through the entire story book in just a week.  Hubs and I could not help her as we are yellow bananas.   I got the Mandarin tutor's help to guide Cass and she has been helping Cass 4 times a week.

It does not matter if Cass does not get into the semi-finals, though she really wants to. I just want her to have the exposure of reciting for a competition and going up the stage to present her story. I want her to overcome stage-fright and most of all, to be confident and competitive. Winning is secondary.

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