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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hershey's Cocoa Cookies

Last Friday, I finally did something that I've always wanted to do but have kept procrastinating - baking!! :D

Sherilyn and Cass have been bugging me for a very long time to bake cookies but my reply to them has always been the same - no time and busy!

I googled for the easiest and simplest  Hershey's cocoa cookies recipe ever and watched how cookies are baked on You Tube. The mil was away in Ipoh and I had no freaking idea how to use her cake mixer.  So we mixed all the ingredients in a bowl manually AFTER I tried using her new hand held mixer but the mixer blew the flour and cocoa powder everywhere!!  Shit, I had a major cleaning up of the kitchen counter top.   That was lesson #1.  Use a bigger bowl girl!

Cass was REALLY excited to help me bake cookies! It's her dream come true LOL!

She did most of the mixing while I washed the utensils and measuring cups and cleaned up all the flour and cocoa powder on the kitchen top and floor, AARGH!!

The cookie dough texture looked good and they expanded pretty nicely too after baking.  The cookies looked kind of perfect from the outside but when I flipped them over, OMG, more than half the batch of cookies were burnt at the bottom *SOBS*

I was totally heartbroken! :(

Only 6 or 7 cookies were perfect.

I figured that I can't set the oven at 180C and bake for 11 minutes though the recipe said so.  My mum who is a pro baker advised me to lower the temp to 160C and to reduce the time in the oven to 8 minutes.  That's lesson #2.

I was and still am pretty much  disappointed with this failure. I think I will need another few months to get over it to try baking cookies again!  I told the girls that next time, I'll just try baking a cake from premix cake flour. Let me taste my first baking success FIRST to give me a boost of confidence before I attempt to do another round of baking, HA!

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