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Monday, August 24, 2015

Positive Attitude

When Cass alighted from the school van just now...

Me - So how's the result of the Chinese story-telling competition?

Cass (in a really cheery mood) - I did not get into the semi-finals. Only RX and C managed to get in.

Me - it's OK baby

Cass - but I am going to take part in the coming BM story-telling competition! I have already told Cikgu C that I want to take part!! *announcing with renewed hope and optimism*

Me - that's good!  I love your attitude and spirit!  You have a never-give-up spirit and I like it!

Cass - if I don't win this BM story-telling competition, how?

Me - that's perfectly ok. It's not about winning.  It's about courage and persistence.  Not everyone dares to go up the stage to talk you know.

Cass - if I don't win in this BM story-telling competition, then I will take part in the English story-telling competition.  And what if I don't win the English one, how?

Me - that's OK. Then you start all over again with Chinese, English and BM story-telling competition next year when you are in Standard 2.

Cass - YES!  And if I don't win, I will still take part again in Standard 3, 4, 5 up till Standard 6!

Me - even if you don't win, that's OK too..  Someday and somewhere you will win.  Just never give up and keep trying.

I just gotta love this girl's eternal sunshine even during her darkest moments in her hospital ordeals!

Cass at 7 years 4 months

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