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Thursday, August 27, 2015

All About Cass

Although I own an online store selling clothes, I do not splurge on clothes for my girls and myself as and when I fancy, albeit most times I will be really tempted to do so.  This I have to give credit to my dad and mom on training me how to be frugal since young :)   Some of my suppliers dress their kids up in new clothes almost everyday.  They keep a piece of every apparel design for their kids before selling them.   I wonder if their kids have the chance to wear so many clothes.   At home, my kids don on old clothes, sometimes in rags like a hobo as they said rags are more comfortable to wear!

In fact, it is me who often ask my girls if they would like to have new clothes by showing them the photo of the apparel from my supplier's website. Most of the time, they will say "NAH, no thanks"

Just the other day, I asked Cass if she would like to have some of those pretty dinner dresses and this was her reply to me "it's OK. I am worried that if you keep buying me clothes, you will go BANKRUPT mummy.  You save the money ok!"

Bankrupt?  Can I even go bankrupt buying clothes? LOL!

Cass is pretty matured and logical in her thoughts. Sometimes she shocks me with how  well thought  her reasoning is.

After less than a year of lessons from a new swimming coach, Cass can now swim pretty well. She has finally gotten rid of her phobia of breathing in the water.

I bring her swimming 2-3 times a week. I would love for her to swim everyday but she has other  activities and tuition on other days.  Swimming can strengthen her muscles and studies have shown that daily swimming of 30 minutes can help to treat incontinence.  The only downside from swimming so often in the afternoon is that she now spots a permanent tan on her skin... the healthy looking kind of tan that is! ;)

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