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Monday, September 7, 2015


This baby girl of mine is a big big fan of noodles, in particular bitter gourd pork vermicelli and pan meen. She'll squeal in delight whenever I tell her that there is her favorite noodles waiting for her when she comes back from school.

Last week, Cass almost choked and puked when she was gulping down her pan meen.  Half way through eating, she was gagging on her noodles. I asked her to spit out whatever that's in her mouth, which she did.  But  she was still trying to pull out something that's still gagged inside her throat... and holy moly, she pulled out a looooong strand of mok yue (wood fungus)!! OMG, had I not asked her to spit everything out, this girl may have tried to swallow everything in and then....

I daren't think of the consequences.

And she could still do monkey faces for me to snap this picture!

Moral of the story is- cut cut cut up the noodles, veggies and whatever that's in long strands for small kids. Even a 7-year old can choke and if there ain't any adult nearby, well... *shudders*!!

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