Health Freak Mommy: Crazy Hazy Days Are Back


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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Crazy Hazy Days Are Back

The haze is getting worse each day. Today is really really bad, so bad that we have to shut all our windows and get baked inside our house at 33 degrees Celsius.  I can even smell the smog inside the bathroom when I shower!

But thankfully we have Izumio hydrogen water to help us stay healthy and keep those vexatious throat irritation and coughs at bay.

And not forgetting my daily dose of fresh smoothie for everyone.  Today's smoothie composes of pineapple, orange, cucumber and fresh coconut water.

The MIL has also been diligently boiling a medley of cooling herbal drinks for everyone everyday.

Lin Chee Kang with Luo Hon Guo - a sweet herbal dessert with a concoction of cooling and nourishing ingredients - Luo Hon Guo, lotus seeds, suet yue (white snow fungus), dried longan meat, dried lily bulbs, palm sugar and pandan leaves.

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