Health Freak Mommy: Emergency School Holiday Contributed By Haze - 28 Sept 2015


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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Emergency School Holiday Contributed By Haze - 28 Sept 2015

Hey folks, in case you are not aware yet, tomorrow is declared a school holiday.  Yes, another school holiday declared by the Ministry of Education (MoE) this afternoon caused by the unhealthy level of haze in certain parts of the country.

Here's the notice from the MoE dated 27 Sept 2015:

And here is the article from The Star online on the holiday announcement:

My girls will be affected by the school closure. While I am glad that I'll get an extra 2 hours of sleep, I ain't happy that they are missing their lessons again!   Final exam is exactly a week away and their teachers have yet to cover all the topics included in the exam. So how??  ** shrug shoulders **

In the meantime, keep yourself healthy during this hazy period. Drink water like a fish (we are gulping down packets of Izumio hydrogen water), pop your multi-vitamins (I am popping up to 6 a day!), stay indoors and eat healthily ok.  Steer clear of junk food and fried food.  We are still A-OK here.   Someone mentioned that we have "sun seen sui" (Godly water, LOL!!) to help us stay healthy in this dreadful weather ha ha ha!!  You want to try our Izumio and Super Lutein too?  Email me at if you're game to try! ;)

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