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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cass At 7 Years 5 Months

Here's a rare picture of Cass with her hair let down...

Picture was taken this morning when she was watching the idiot box.  Today is a school holiday for Primary 1 - 3 pupils in her school due to the UPSR exam ongoing in school.

My baby girl ain't a baby anymore, though I still call her 'baby girl' and carry her like a baby.  She is very much a vain pot, thank GOD!!  I would be very worried if she has this "I don't care about my image" kind of attitude, like someone in the house!  But thank goodness that 'someone' is starting to put more effort in her appearance these days, unlike her younger days.

Cass would examine herself in the mirror everyday before leaving the house. If something is not right with her hair or outfit, she'll fix them until she looks pretty enough to leave the house. Sometimes we would be late coz this vain pot wouldn't leave the room until her hair is tied to perfection!

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