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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Homecooked Dishes

Yummy dishes whipped up by the MIL for the past 2 days...

Dinner on 17 Sept 2015...

1.  Sauteed zucchini with fresh baby shrimps bought from Kuala Selangor last week.
2.  T-bone pork chop with big onions.
3.  Fish soup with tomatoes and tofu. It's her first time dishing up this soup and it's so yummy. The kids love it!  You can even add in some veggies and chicken fillet to make this a one-pot dish.
4.  Steamed black rice with Korean rice

Dinner a few nights ago...

1.  Stir-fried organic red spinach with garlic
2.  Assam fish with ladies fingers, tomatoes and brinjals
3.  Sauteed celery with pork slices. You can replace it with chicken fillet or minced beef.

The MIL will be leaving for Hong Kong by end of this month and well, the kitchen's all mine again. I'm having bitter and sweet feelings about being a cook once again for the next few months. Right now, I have totally lost my mojo to cook. I'll need a few days to pick up the momentum.  Thankfully my new part-time maid  told me that she loves cooking (she used to be a cook!) and does not mind cooking for us **BIG GRIN and feeling thankful**

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