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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Jipangi Ice-Cream

We spent our Merdeka holiday at Mid Valley Megamall - shopping, eating and trying out new snacks. Though it's exactly a week away from Alycia's UPSR exam, we are still doing shopping and all.  All study and no play makes the big girl mumpish and cantankerous . She still watches the TV, reads novels and newspapers and takes her usual 2-hour nap everyday.   And she needs her ice-cream on cone and chocolates everyday to keep herself sane during this stressful period!

Anyway, back to our food therapy at Mid Valley Megamall.  After 2 cones of Nana's Green Tea Ice-cream shared among the four of us, Sherilyn was pestering me for Jipangi. We walked past  Jipangi ice-cream stall several times recently but didn't get the chance to try it as the queue was very long.

Photo above credits to Eat Drink KL.

Jipangi is a soft-serve ice cream in J-shaped puffed corn canes, a conspicuous attraction that hails from Insadong in South Korea's capital. With the ice-cream on both ends, well, it transforms into something that's feast for your eyes!

It is unclear whether the shape was created intentionally or otherwise, but it sure hasn’t stopped people from taking pictures with it – some in very distasteful demeanor.

Photo above credits to Eat Drink KL.

Cass still munching on her Nana's green tea ice-cream and Sherilyn waiting for her Jipangi ice-cream.

Folks, be prepared to be the subject of stares and giggles if you walk through the mall while licking on this thingy. Many will have their imagination running wild looking at the shape of the ice-cream, including moi, :D   Each cane - which can be snapped into two and shared - is stuffed with a choice of vanilla, chocolate or their new flavor - durian (RM7). Or have two flavours, one on each end, for RM9.     Sherilyn chose durian and vanilla, which cost RM9.  She shared it with me.

According to Jipangi, the cones they use are made from pure corn, traditionally roasted in a Korean recipe. The brand further revealed that the corn is sourced from the highest quality farm in the US and the cone will be a healthier and tastier alternative for ice cream lovers compared to the conventional sugar coated cone.

To ensure that your ice-cream does not melt and get messy, lick the ice-cream on both ends in tandem.

Quality may not be a priority here. Nonetheless, this novel cool dessert is a fun snack and enjoyable.

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