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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Soon-To-Be 12-Year Old Alycia

What makes the big girl happiest?

Novels, lots of them. And I think she intends to fill every walking space in her bedroom with novels!




iPod / iPad / iPhone.  To me, these iGadgets make one idiotic when one spends too much time on them. And this is what the big girl is doing right now since her major exam is over now and she has no more homework to do until next January when she starts junior high school.

This is her daily indulgence now - her favorite Sunnyside Farms chocolate mint ice-cream on cone and a book.

I can get her to do ANYTHING when she's at the book store!  The book store is her enchanted fantasy island!

And these are the kind of books that this girl likes o_O

I am truly stunned that my soon-to-be 12-year old girl loves reading novels on psychotic magicians, ghosts and ghouls, mysteries, spells, ancient Egyptian gods, after life and things that will never happen in the world that we are living in!

Do you have a pre-teen girl who loves reading Rick Riordan and Michael Northrop's novels as well?

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