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Friday, December 4, 2015

Izumio & Super Lutein - Asthma and overall immunity

My mum developed asthma at the ripe old age of 60+ after visiting China a few years ago. The winter weather was very cold and her lungs were infected by the chilly weather. It took her a long time to recover and she then developed asthma.  The lung specialist that she's seeing advised my mum not to travel during the cold season because each time she did in the past, she came back with respiratory infections.

My mum travels overseas several times in a year. Each time she traveled, she would fall sick with cough. Everyone would worry for her each time she traveled overseas.

My mum started taking Izumio and SL about 2 mths ago. Recently she went to China again. She was surprised that this time, she did not fall sick!  She was surprised that climbing down the 1,686 slippery steep steps at Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon for an hour wasn't any problem at her age (69)!

Below is my 69YO+ mum during her recent trip to Zhangjiajie. Notice how glowing her skin is and the eternal beauty and youthfulness in her :)

Below - My dear parents in freezing weather in China recently. Thank God my mum did not have any wheezing attack!

My 'fragile' mum climbed these in China recently and thank God she survived them all, with the help of Izumio and Super Lutein which gave her the much needed boost in her health and immunity.  I say fragile coz she was once really weak and had pains, aches and issues from head to toe :(

My brother who followed her to China had flu at that time. My mum gave him SL and he got well when he was in China!  My brother who was recuperating then wasn't tired at all throughout the strenuous activities up the 3 different mountains in China.  Thank God for all these blessings!  My mum now has better confidence in the products.

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