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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Our Monday - 11 January 2016

Today has been a fruitful day for us. Despite leaving the house only at 10:30am, the hubby managed to chauffeur me around the most congested roads in KL to get a few very important and urgent matters accomplished.

I told the hubby that we had to be back home before 1:30 pm as that's when the transporter drops off Sherilyn and Cass after school.

With the perpetual horrendous traffic jam in KL, what more on a Monday morning, it was quite a feat to do all these in under 3 hours..

1) Went to UTC @ Pudu Sentral to have my driving license renewed.
I had thought that my driving license was only expiring in February but when I took out my license to have a look at it again, I was shocked that it had expired on 6 January 2016. How could I have seen the wrong date??!

2) Went to Menara Multi Purpose @ Capital Square to collect my customers' Fukubukuro sets (Izumio and Super Lutein set) from Naturally Plus

3) Had lunch of beef noodles at the famous Shin Kee Beef Noodles at Petaling Street

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4) Went to KL Sentral station to buy train tickets to Ipoh during CNY.  There were 72 people waiting ahead of me. So, forget it, we left KL Sentral hurriedly.  Hubby weaved in and out of the horrendous traffic jam to bring me home just in the nick of time to receive Sherilyn and Cass.

For the first half of the morning yesterday, I made several calls to JPJ and JPN to enquire about the process of renewing my driving license and My Kad. My main concern was my My Kad (IC) which is over 11 years old.    I was worried that the chip is not readable, thus my driving license could not be renewed at the post office.

I had my My Kad done when I was pregnant with Sherilyn!  And I am glad that I still look almost identical to the picture on my My Kad :D

How And Where To Renew Driving License In Kuala Lumpur

1) You can renew it at the post office but the chip on your My Kad must be readable.

2) If the chip is damaged, thus not readable, you have to go to a JPJ branch to have your driving license renewed.  We chose UTC @ Pudu Sentral as it's the nearest to us.

3) Documents needed are your old driving license, your My Kad and cash. I renewed for 5 years and paid RM150 + RM15 (RM15 is pro rated payment according to my date of birth)

4)  Renew it online at MyEG.  I think you can pay for courier fees to have your renewed license, insurance or road tax couriered to you.

The queue at JPJ @ UTC, Pudu Sentral was long. I had to wait for 25 people ahead of me but know what?  The process was unbelievably fast and in under an hour, I had my driving license renewed.  The photo on my renewed driving license now is the same  as the one on my 11-year old My Kad, taken when I was 32 years old :)

I wanted to walk a few steps away to JPN to have my My Kad renewed (with address updated and new card issued) but the crowd was intimidating!  Plus we had not much time left as we still had a few more errands to run. First things first. We had to collect my Izumio and Super Lutein for my customers and purchase train tix and that's more urgent.

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