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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Snake Meal In Hong Kong

On our 3rd night in Hong Kong, on 8 December 2015, we adults went to an eatery for a snake meal.  The eatery is an Association for members. I am not sure what association it is. Everything was written in Chinese. And every table had the same dishes in their course dinner.  The place was packed to the brim with fans of snake and I saw a lot of elderly people.  No children were present at the eatery.

While we indulged in the snake meal, my 2nd SIL brought all the kids to eat pizza.

The first dish that arrived was 'seh kang' or snake soup. This is similar to sharks fins but the snake meat in the soup had a strange taste. I added lots of vinegar to mask the snake taste.

Next was stir-fried snake meat.

This snake dish was particularly delish. The finely shredded kafir lime leaves sprinkled on the dish imparted a very refreshing and aromatic flavor to the snake meat.

Lamb in clay pot.

Crispy roast chicken. Aha, my favorite dish of all! And everyone else's too.

Herbal soup with black chicken and the embryo of an animal (I can't recall). If you can read Chinese, scroll up to read the menu ;)

Braised mushrooms with fish stomach and dried oysters.

Every single dish was wiped clean.

It was my very first experience with snake meat and certainly an eye-opener for the hubby and me.

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