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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pro At Solving The Rubik's Cube

Cass is now a pro at solving the Rubik's cube. All she needs is under 5 minutes to solve one side of the cube.  I noticed that she has good concentration power and good amount of patience to solve puzzles ever since she was 3 years old when she was a jigsaw puzzle whiz. Now, she's shifted her focus from jigsaw puzzles to Rubik's cube!

Alycia shares her Rubik's cube with Cass and they bring the cube along with them whenever we are out to keep themselves busy when we adults partake in boring stuff like shopping or chit chatting with friends ;)

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Cass also has the patience to obligingly help out in the kitchen whenever her help is needed. When we were back in Ipoh for CNY recently, she helped to remove the skin of a big bowl of peanuts.  She quietly sat at the kitchen for a whole 45 minutes without muttering a word of complaint. She beats me to it in terms of patience. That's my girl. Good job baby girl!

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Cass at 7 years 10 months.

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