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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Just Another Glorious Food Post :)

Last weekend was pigging out weekend with good friends and family members.

After an early gourmet breakfast at Gravy Baby on its opening day, we went to Restoran 9888 in Cheras for dinner with our childhood friends.

What hubs and I like about Restoran 9888 is that they dish out the most stimulating and unique menus.  You have to check them out to pique your palate with their creative Chinese dishes that flaunt a flair for stylish surprises.

Below -
1. Two styles fried chicken
2.  Deep fried spinach with salted egg yolk on top. Beneath the pile of crunchy spinach is a surprise - spinach cooked with egg sauce.
3.  Suckling piggy.

Image may contain: food

Below -
1.  Claypot pig trotters veins
2.  Yong Tau Fu (stuffed with minced pork and salted fish).
3.  Deep fried tilapia fish slice with super fine and crispy egg floss. The achingly crispy boneless fish slices with addictive deep fried egg floss is to die for.
4.  Fried rice wrapped in 'Hor Yip' leaves. This dish emerges brazenly flavorful with lap cheong (Chinese sausages), har mai (dried shimps), aromatic mushrooms, deep fried silverfish and spring onions. It was so addictive that the portion on the children's table was brought over to the adults' table and was polished clean.  For a moment, I just had to throw my low-carb diet off the window.  It was too hard to resist this enticing high calorie dish.

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Below - Dessert was coconut egg custard jelly (not in picture) and Bonsai Green Tea ice-cream.
This thrilling ice-cream is out of this world. It looks like a real plant with brown soil, which is actually crumbled chocolate cookies.  Kids and adults will love this enticing dessert.

Image may contain: food and outdoor

On Sunday, we had brunch at Han Room @ Gardens. I ordered my favorite kai jau (chicken in rice wine) and coconut jelly.
Image may contain: food and indoor

Below - mushroom pau, which is a new item on the dim sum cart.  The pau is perfectly crafted into the shape of a mushroom. It even has a stump at the bottom of the pau.  The filling is of course mushrooms.  I love it!

Image may contain: food and indoor

After dim sum, the girls shopped for books at Borders.

Image may contain: 2 people

Dinner was at our favorite neighborhood restaurant.

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