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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

School Holiday Activities

This school holiday, the girls have been occupying their time pretty much with board games in the morning.  Cass would first drag her grandma to play with her when her 2 sisters are still in bed.  When grandma is busy in the afternoon, she will drag her sisters to play with her.

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Today my day started off early.  I chauffeured Sherilyn to school at 8am for a field trip.  Was stuck in a horrendous traffic jam and by the time we reached school, we were 20 minutes late.  Once I drove past the stretch of perpetual jammed up road, I sped like an F1 driver all the way to school.  Thank God the bus was still there. And on my way out from the school, I saw a few teachers getting into the school. They were even later, ha!  After the field trip at 2pm, I fetched the drama queen back.

In the evening, it's gym session again. 

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Image may contain: indoor

It will be another week or so before we head back to Ipoh and then, possibly to Penang.

Though we are pretty much holed up at home, I am not complaining. I am enjoying the sleep-ins in the morning and relatively stress-free days now, before the stressful school blue days in the new term begin.

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