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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Angel Hair Aglio Olio With Grilled Chicken

For my girls, I can never go wrong with pasta and grilled chicken.  As a WFHM of 3 with no full-time helper, I have no time to cook glamour food.  Simplicity and FAST are my mantra, even if it means preparing food befitting toddlers like porridge or sandwiches for my tween girls.  Fortunately, my girls hardly complain if I cook the same dishes again within a 2-week period. I try not to repeat the same dish in a span of 2 weeks but sometimes when ideas run out, I will repeat a dish that I had cooked just a few days ago.  My girls also don't mind having simple no-frills sandwiches or toasties as a meal for lunch or dinner.

I cooked Angel Hair Aglio Olio with grilled lemon, herbs and turmeric chicken thighs on one of the week days last week.

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I didn't have to ask my girls if they enjoyed the pasta and chicken and I knew that they loved it coz Drama Queen and Cass ate the same thing for dinner, breakfast, recess and lunch the next day!!  I kept asking them if they were really sure about bringing the pasta and chicken to school for recess coz they were going to eat the same thing for lunch when they returned from school... and I had a resounding YES! I can't eat the same food for 4 meals in a row.  Same goes for our tai siew che Alycia. This will make us grow averse to the dish. But Drama Queen and Cass have no issues eating the same dish for several meals straight in a row.


No more headaches planning what to cook. When I am at a lost on what to dish up, pasta and grilled chicken will be placed on the dining table!  Pasta is also a very versatile dish, which my girls hardly say NO to. I can use penne, angel hair, ribbon, spaghetti, linguine, farfalle ribbon, rotini twists, et al cooked in different styles from bolognese to aglio olio to creamy mushroom.

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