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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Compilation Of Home-Cooked Dishes (25 - 29 July 2016)

As you already know by now, I only cook easy and fuss-free dishes, with minimal oil splatters and cleaning up to do. For a one-leg-kick at home with no live-in helper, I cannot afford to do anything more than 3 square meals a day.  I envy mummies who  bake cakes and breads with passion and whip up fanciful bento boxes and restaurant-style dishes everyday.  Perhaps they have a live-in helper at home to help them to clean up.  Or perhaps they don't have to work-from-home.  Or maybe they don't mind having  greasy kitchen tops and floor.  I am OCD when it comes to grease in my kitchen.  Moreover, my girls are pretty persnickety and not adventurous when it comes to food. They do not like fanciful dishes. There were times when I had spent the entire evening sweating and fussing to create new dishes, only to be greeted with a sulky face, especially from the big princess, who is really hard to satisfy, duh!

I hardly cook certain meat like beef, mutton, prawns and squids as they are high in cholesterol.  Plus the finicky girls do not really fancy mutton and beef.  So I am always stuck with chicken, pork and fish, cooked in a variety of styles.  Even for vegetables, the picky girls only like a handful like cabbage, broccoli, mustard green and spinach.   If I try to be adventurous and venture out to dish out  courgette/zucchini, kale, kailan or hairy gourds, just to name a few, I can be assured of a stressful dinner where I will be coercing and even forcing them to eat these 'extraordinary' veggies, SIGH!

These are the dishes that I cooked last week, which the girls enjoyed.

1. Sauteed organic cabbage with julienned carrots.
2. Steamed fish with chopped garlic, ginger, taucheong (fermented soy beans) and soy sauce.  The girls, who don't really fancy steamed fish polished off the entire plate of fish, including the ginger and scallions!  This recipe is for keeps. The next time I have a steamed fish on my menu, I'll stick to this style.

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: food

Cass wrote this note for me after dinner.  This makes me feel so much appreciated. My stinky oil-fumed stained clothes, hair and face is all worth it :D

Image may contain: food

Below :
1.  Braised chicken fillet with potatoes and tomatoes.
2.  Steamed organic tofu with sauteed minced pork
3.  Blanched yau mak veggie.

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One portion of chicken for dinner and the other to the freezer, to be reheated for dinner on a busy week day.

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Extra portion of minced pork to be frozen, to be used on other days - can be for noodles or rice.

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