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Friday, August 5, 2016

Koka Signature Instant Noodles From Singapore

Our girls go gaga over instant noodles and that's because I hardly buy them. It's their daddy who occasionally buys them. He loves to indulge in those extra spicy Korean instant noodles on home movie nights. Whenever he cooks his instant noodles, he'll chuck in 4-5 eggs into the pot. He'll then gladly distributes them to his 3 princesses. I think he is happy that he doesn't have to whack the entire bowl of crap carbs and can share his crap carbs with his princesses :D

Since instant noodles are an occasional guilty pleasure, the girls crave for them and treat them like some precious commodity that's hard to come by. Every single strand of noodle and drop of soup will be polished off clean from their bowls! Their bowls don't even need proper washing!

While grocery shopping the other day, I came across Koka Signature instant noodles.  Koka is a Singaporean brand, manufactured by Tat Hui Foods Pte. Ltd. - a company founded in Singapore in 1986.  Manufacturing and packaging are done at Tat Hui's factory in Jurong, Singapore. They are sold within Singapore, and since 1987 have been exported to markets in Europe, America and Australia.  Koka are pretty focused on making their noodles not just as a delight but as a guilt-free treat to noodles lovers to indulge in instant noodles.

Koka Signature instant noodles boast of  being free from: MSG, preservatives and additives while high in fibre content. The noodles are steam-cooked and air-dried as opposed to deep fried.  In this Signature series, you'll find other mouth-watering flavors with noodles made from purple wheat.

The Koka Signature series costs about 4 times more than the average Maggi or Mamee instant noodles. Sorry, I can't recall how much I paid for a pack.  I love the springy texture of Koka's noodles. I can even eat them on their own, like a dry snack!

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The noodles taste very much like the snack, Mamee and cook pretty instantly (less than a minute in boiling water).  I think they are free from wax as they are not slimy like other brands of instant noodles and the water that I used to blanch the noodles did not look murky.

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To make my less than healthy meal a little healthier, I used lots of green veggies (2 varieties), a punnet of fresh portobello mushrooms, 3 plump tomatoes, carrots and 5 eggs. Also sliced up 2 red bell peppers to be eaten raw.

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I cooked 4 packets of noodles and only used 1.5 packets of seasoning. I discarded the coconut powder (dehydrated santan) as we don't like the taste of santan in our noodles.  The soup was pretty sweet and tasty, with flavors and natural sweetness imparted from the veggies and mushrooms.

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Much as the girls and I love Koka noodles, they are still categorized as  processed food.  But they are a healthier alternative to other instant noodles. If you crave for instant noodles, go ahead and grab a pack of Koka to try!

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