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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Noodles With Cuttlefish Balls, Octopus Balls And Fish Paste

Dinner on one of the busy weekdays last week was vermicelli with homemade fish paste and cuttlefish balls and octopus balls from Nikudo Seafood.

This pack of Nikudo Seafood cuttlefish balls cost RM18 and came with a small pack of premium octopus ball as free gift, while stock lasts. A pack has about 40+ cuttlefish balls.

Nikudo seafood balls boast of being free from preservative and coloring.

Check out the list of ingredients on the packet of the cuttlefish balls.  I don't see the word MSG printed on the packet but I did feel thirsty after this meal.  But I ain't sure where the culprit was - the balls, the anchovies or the soy sauce and dark sauce that I used to make my kon loh noodles.  I used organic soy sauce and regular dark sauce.

Yummy and springy seafood balls... yup they are really addictive.

Soup base was sauteed anchovies with garlic, with lots of green veggies, tomatoes and carrots for the natural sweetness.

Kon lo maifun and ching thong maifun with fish paste, sotong balls and octopus balls.  Everyone loved it!    Since there was a portion of vermicelli and seafood balls left, I made a new batch of soup with pork, carrots, onions and tomatoes the next day for Drama Queen and Cass' lunch.

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