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Friday, September 2, 2016

Lohas Natural Pumpkin And Sweet Potato Yee Mee

It looks like the 2 sisters here are snacking on Mamee.

Nah, I never buy Mamee. The girls often receive them from class parties.

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This pumpkin yee mee from Lohas tastes very much like Mamee. In fact, it tastes even better than Mamee, minus the MSG, preservatives, flavoring and food additives.  I bought it from an organic shop. It's SO crispy and fresh!!  A packet costs RM6.90.

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Lohas is a local company that distributes organic and natural food stuff.  I love their range of healthy products.

Besides eating the pumpkin yee mee as it is, straight from the packet, I also whipped it into a meal for dinner. Our 3 girls are big fans of yee mee but I always have qualms buying the ones sold outside, especially on the oil used to deep fry the yee mee.  Imagine what ingredients go into a packet of  6 pieces of yee mee that only costs RM3.50 a packet.

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Tastes just like the ones sold outside, my fish ball and fried minced pork yee mee is way healthier.  I used organic veggie, Aussie carrots, organic tomatoes, organic scallions and Ikan Parang fishballs from Pulau Ketam. Soup base is anchovies with garlic and onions.

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The girls loved my yee mee!

I cooked extra fried minced pork, enough for whipping up another fresh dish for lunch the next day.

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Lunch the next day was blanched vermicell with lots of chopped scallions and leftover minced pork. Vermicelli was lightly darkened with organic shoyu and seasoned with sesame seed oil and pepper. You can also use organic thick black bean sauce and organic blackstrap molasses to replace regular dark soy sauce, which has chemicals that are carcinogenic.

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Image may contain: food

I bought another packet of yee mee from the organic shop the following week and this time, I chose sweet potato yee mee.

Below - yee mee straight from the packet with  leftover braised pork ribs with sweet potato that I cooked for dinner the previous evening.  I popped the braised pork ribs into the microwave oven and minutes later, the 3 of us had a yummy and healthy lunch on a busy school-going weekday!

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Image may contain: food

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