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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Our Saturday - 10 Sept 2016

Today is the start of the 1-week school holiday.

So what does a school holiday as short as 1 week mean to me?

Catching up on sleep, have brunch with the girls at our favorite coffee shops at 11am, shopping, lazing around the house, working-out with the girls in the gym in the evenings and hitting the sack way past 11pm every night.  Drama Queen has already planned to bake cookies and cuppies. And the big girl has planned a movie date with her besties.

What does the school holiday mean to you?  Cuti-cuti Malaysia? Or an overseas trip? Or simply a staycation at a hotel in your town?  We used to do a LOT of staycations when the girls were  younger.  My parents and younger brother, Roy have just flown to Taiwan today. From Taiwan, they will be transferred on board a cruise liner on a pleasure voyage to Okinawa, Japan!  I. SO. WISH. TO. JOIN. THEM!!!

Some day I will. I know the day will come. PATIENCE IS THE VIRTUE!

We had breakkie with hubs at Les Deux Garcons (LDG) today.  The girls and I wanted wantan mein and bitter gourd noodles but my trencherman said big breakfast at LDG!  So LDG it is then.  Cass was really disappointed that she couldn't dig into her favorite bitter gourd noodles this morning.

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Not-so-healthy big breakfast.  Nay to ham and sausages 👎 but it feels good to eat them once in a purple moon 😋

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Cumin chicken and corn with pita bread and boiled potatoes.  The taste of cumin didn't really go well with the girls though.  I promised the girls that I'll make them their choice of chicken filling for a pita bread meal next week.

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A meal at LDG will never be complete without a Frangipane croissant.  LDG bakes one of the best Frangipane croissants (RM8.50 a piece).

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