Health Freak Mommy: Our Saturday - 3 Sept 2016


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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Our Saturday - 3 Sept 2016

Cass waited impatiently for another week to Saturday, not so much to attend piano class but to see her favorite doggy at the pet shop - a mighty cute and fluffy Samoyed, whom she has named Twitchy Nose as this little Samoyed pup likes twitching its cute little black nose when playing with Cass, separated by a glass panel.


Twitchy Nose has long white eye lashes and double eyelids. It's such a perfect and beautiful dog. This explains the RM7,000 price tag on Twitchy Nose!


As long as we stay in a condo, there is no way we can keep a dog... much as I love Twitchy Nose too.  It is just too cute, too cuddly, too irresistible.


Dinner was just us girls, without the hubs, as he was at a client's function.


We had economical Japanese food at Lao Jiu Lou restaurant, opened by a Japanese hunk!




Back home, I drilled Drama Queen on conversion of metric measures by setting tons of questions for her. She wasn't 100% sure on the conversion and techniques and the only way is to give her loads of problems to solve.  Told her that she needs to practice the problems until she has them down cold.  This knowledge must be at her finger tips as she will be needing it for life.

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