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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Oyakodon - Chicken With Egg And Rice

The past few days have been very, very busy for me.  Busy with work. Thus, the lack of update in this blog.

I had planned to dish out Oyakodon for the girls. The plan was to marinate the chicken breast meat for at least 5-6 hours so that it will be tastier.  I also planned to cook my Oyakodon like an authentic Japanese Oyakodon but I had not had the time to take a breather since I got up from bed at 4:45 a.m. today! So my Oyakodon today was a 'cincai' executed one.  I only started to cook at 6pm, only had 1/2 hour to marinate the chicken meat and no time to even google for a proper recipe. I used whatever sauces that I had in the fridge - which was Teriyaki sauce, organic shoyu, black pepper and corn flour.

*gasp for air*

Anyway, my 'cin-cin-cai-cai' Oyakodon still turned out very yummy! :D

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As I did not have enough time to saute the French beans separately, I dumped the beans into the sizzling pot of chicken, making this into a one-pot dish complete with meat, eggs and lots of vegetables.

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And then dumped in the eggs.

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The egg for Oyakodon is meant to be slightly runny and raw but I don't fancy the kids eating half cooked eggs for fear of food poisoning from bacteria. So the egg was poached till 100% cooked - in the sauce.

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Thankfully Drama Queen came back from school on time and helped me to chop the onions - 3 big juicy onions. The both of us shed so much tears in the kitchen inhaling the super stinging enzyme from the big onions!  I had planned to chill the onions for several hours before chopping them to reduce tearing of the eyes but again, I was so absorbed in work that I forgot all about it.

Despite dishing out my Oyakodon without much planning, it was nonetheless still very delish, albeit tasting more Chinese than Japanese. I have an extra portion saved for Cass' lunch tomorrow. Now, that's one less worry for tomorrow. Lunch is settled for Cass.

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