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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Carelessness Or Jinx?

This looks like someone who had attempted suicide by cutting her wrists but it's pure accident, thank God not a freak one! But there was a pretty deep cut on my left wrist and some superficial cuts on the right wrist.

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I had wanted to wash a bowl and while bringing it to the sink hurriedly, I accidentally tapped the bowl against a bottle that was sitting on the counter top. It was not a hard bang but the bowl broke into half. Maybe there was already a hair line crack on the bowl, which no one realized, else it wouldn't have broken into half so easily.  As I was trying to catch the two broken halves of the bowl from dropping, the unforgiving sharp edges of the broken bowl cut both my wrists.  There was blood  seeping out.  Cass who heard me screaming ran to the kitchen. She screamed too on seeing the blood on my wrists. She then darted to the bedroom, took a piece of tissue paper with Melagel antiseptic gel and three band aids and came to my aid.  She wiped off the blood, applied the Melagel on the wounds and helped to put on the band aids. Then she said this "luckily the bowl didn't cut your veins, else you will bleed to death mummy. You already don't have enough blood!"  😲😨

Super proud of my baby girl.  👏

This is the second time in a week that I had broken something.  Last week as I was cleaning the kitchen sink, my elbow nudged a tall glass off the counter top and it broke into a million sharp pieces!

What is wrong with me?! I am usually very careful in the kitchen and hardly ever break things. Perhaps I have been working too hastily to accomplish more but this is definitely counterproductive.

Note to self - I really need to SLOW DOWN, smell the roses, live in the moment and not rush off each day trying to over achieve my targets. 😵

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