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Monday, February 6, 2017

Light Meals

After stuffing myself with rich and meaty meals during the first five days of CNY, all I wanted to eat was something light and vegetables-centered. After sending my car to the car wash center, I walked to the food court to have brunch alone.   Inside the food court, I walked around for about 15 minutes. Nothing seemed to excite my palate.  Most stalls were selling noodles and I didn't want to put carbs into my body. Other stalls were selling chicken rice, nasi lemak and Bakuteh.  Certainly not for me too. One stall was selling porridge and Hakka 'lui cha' and voila, I found something that I liked. But I was really disappointed when the 'lui cha' arrived as the broth was really awful - too salty and oily!  That will be my first and last time to patronize that stall.

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After the disappointing bowl of 'lui cha' with a bad aftertaste of MSG lingering in my mouth, I walked around the food court again searching for the least unhealthy lunch for the girls but none met my criteria  😷 I left the food court empty handed. Back home, I prepared crispy toasted bread for the girls. When the girls were back from school, Drama Queen volunteered to cook scrambled eggs to go with the toasts. The girls were very contented with their crispy egg toasts with mayo and sliced cool cucumbers. Cheap and yummy, the egg toasts were way healthier and satisfying than some hawkers food 😋

For dinner, I whipped up a big pot of droolicious porridge with chicken drumsticks, minced meat, carrots, pumpkin, dried cuttlefish, freshly peeled groundnuts and seaweed. The porridge was so tasty that it was finished to the last drop that night.  The mil was away in Ipoh to attend a funeral and dinner was mine to cook.  I also sauteed a head of organic cabbage with carrot, garlic and egg.

Porridge is  one of the easiest meals to prepare and it's both tasty and nutritious. You could add in lots of vegetables too for added fiber. The 2 younger girls and I don't mind having porridge 2-3 times in a week.  But the big princess is no fan of porridge. She would sulk each time porridge is served. But this time I told her that I ain't cooking or buying something else for her. She gets no special treatment anymore. She either eats the porridge I cook or help herself to whatever she could find in the kitchen 😐

She ate the porridge 😁

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Porridge cooked using organic baby millet, quinoa and rice. Super smooth and yums. iLike it!
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