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Friday, May 5, 2017

Surgery To Remove Uterine Fibroid

Just a follow up on my post.   Two days ago, I consulted a gynae who is highly recommended by a relative.

After performing an ultrasound sound scan of the fibroid, which is now at 7cm, Dr Tan gave me 3 options:

Option 1: To do a Transcervical Resection of Fibroids (TCRF) which is a minimally invasive surgery and involves no cuts.  However, as the fibroid measures 7cm, she needs two separate surgeries to fully remove the fibroid. Oh. my. gawd!!  The first surgery will be performed end of May and the next surgery end of June.  The duration for each surgery is 3-4 hours.  Imagine, going through nightmares twice.  One surgery alone is enough to cause me an overload of anxiety.

Option 2: To do Transcervical Resection of Fibroids (TCRF) but only after shrinking the fibroid through 2 or 3 hormone jabs.  This jab acts to put me on a medically induced menopause and I may (or may not) experience all symptoms related to menopause.  The fibroid may shrink when the body is under menopause.  Each jab costs almost RM600 and only one jab is to be administered each month, with close monitoring via ultrasound scan to see if the fibroid has shrunk.  Once the fibroid has shrunk to below 5cm, a TCRF can be performed. Only one surgery is needed.  I find this too tedious, costly and time consuming. And it prolongs my anxiety. Anxiety is all about emotions and in TCM, the fibroid growth is largely affected by emotions. What if the fibroid fails to shrink to the desired size or worse yet, fails to shrink at all?

Option 3: To do a laproscopic myomectomy with contained power morcellation. One of the Ob & Gyn whom I consulted in February this year informed me that the contained power morcellation procedure is not foolproof whereas  Dr Tan informed me that the bag that she uses is safe and does not leak out fibroid cells. Dispersing fibroid cells can have a very negative impact on the body IF the fibroid turns out to be malignant.  This is my greatest fear right now, though it is rare for fibroids to be malignant. I was told the risk of sarcoma (malignant) is 1 in 1000 cases.

I have chose option 3 and the operation is set for 29 May 2017.  On 28 May, a full blood test will be done at the hospital. Should my blood count show a reading of below 8, a blood transfusion would be performed on 28 May, i.e. a day before the surgery.

The countdown to the big day has begun. Everyday I have been telling Cass that she has to learn to be independent and do things herself as mummy will be away for a few days. My parents will be coming  from Ipoh to shower me with lots of moral support. Thank God for awesome parents!

So folks, I really need lots of prayers from everyone now that the surgery will be 100% successful with a benign biopsy result. And no more regrowth of fibroid post-operation. Thank you 😘

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