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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Alycia's 14th Birthday

My 'precious baby' turned 14 yesterday.  She celebrated her birthday in Hong Kong with Sherilyn, grandma, aunties (hubs' eldest and second sisters), uncle and cousin.

Besides a sponsored flight to Hong Kong from her generous and loving koo ma, Alycia was treated to an impressive and exquisite buffet lunch on her birthday yesterday, followed by Korean dinner.  Today koo ma bought Alycia a Lomo’Instant Automat camera for her birthday!

The sil brought Alycia and Drama Queen shopping today and I got a shock when Drama Queen Whatsapped me a picture of the snacks that they had chosen and paid for by their koo ma.

Sugar overload - all the forbidden snacks that I would never ever buy for them back in Malaysia 😅 

I saw Maltesers in the picture and had to Google to find out what they are. OMG, the girls are so going to have a lot of sugar rush when they return to KL next week.  My manipulative girls chose two types of Oreo, something that I hardly buy for them. I rarely succumb to the girls' pleas for sweet packaged snacks. 

If you are wondering why I always refer Alycia to as my 'precious baby', the term 'precious baby' was coined to refer to ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) babies born to older mothers and delivered by cesarean.   Alycia is my IUI baby, where my fertility doctor informed me on the day of the IUI procedure that the hubs' 'little swimmers' were only 1% good.  Alycia is my 1% hope against hope, my miracle baby from God 💗

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