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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas Shopping With Cass @ Avenue K (Friday, 8 Dec 2017)

With Christmas arriving in just 2 weeks, we won't have much time to do our Christmas shopping as we will be traveling in the next 2 weeks to Ipoh and Singapore. Since piano class today is cancelled last minute, I jumped at the opportunity to go shopping with Cass.

At a few touches on my phone and waiting time of only 10 minutes, the Uber driver arrived to chauffeur us to KL. I have never liked driving to downtown KL, especially to the Golden Triangle area for many reasons: horrendous traffic, road closures, throat cutting car park rates, finding a car park and much more.   I am so thankful that we now have ride-hailing services like  Uber and GRAB to help us move around KL and PJ at a few swipes on the phone.

Our first Uber driver was a 71-year old Malay grandfather who is a retired soldier. He was talking about politics with me all the time. The traffic into the KLCC area was horrific and it took us 40 minutes to reach Avenue K.   Our second Uber driver who drove us home was a very quiet but  handsome young lad in his late teens, driving a Nissan Almera.  Nosy parker me asked if the car belonged to his dad but he said it's his car.  Seriously, a teenager owning a Nissan Almera? I doubt so la.  Anyway, traffic from Avenue K heading back home was much worse.  It took us over an hour to get home. O.M.G.  I started to get worried when Mr Handsome kept changing routes. And he didn't use Waze or Google Maps. He was asking me directions to get home. And my direction sucks. It was a case of blind leading the blind and fortunately I led him to the correct turnings and we reached home safely.  By the time we reached our condo, the latest fare showed RM36, including toll for using the SMART Tunnel whereas the earlier fare on my phone showed only RM18.  But Mr Handsome was really nice. He said I could pay him just RM18 but I paid him RM19.  I always pay my Uber drivers tips.

We reached Avenue K at 1-ish p.m.  Cass and I hadn't taken our breakfast and we were famished. We charged into Bankara Ramen but had to wait for almost half an hour before our bowl of Tonkatsu ramen arrived. We were SO SO hungry!

After lunch, we shopped at H & M.  Many items were on sale and some were on a 50% discount. I then realized that it's Black Friday Sale, woohoo! I was so happy!  I managed to grab some really great deals for the girls, friends' kids and myself.

The red top that I bought for Drama Queen just 3 weeks earlier was now selling at only RM20 and I had bought it at RM49.90! My heart crushed. I snapped a picture of the red top with the price tag of RM20 and Whatsapped it to Drama Queen who was having a gas with Alycia and her cousin in Disneyland at that time.

Cass and I trying on a mother-daughter matching dress. Too bad my persnickety girl didn't like her dress. I got my jersey dress anyway as the marked down price was just too good to resist.

After H&M, I brought Cass to Popular Bookstore for her to claim her reward for getting  good grades in her final exam. We managed to get some very good deals at Popular as well. Some books went as low as RM10 from RM40.

Next up I treated Cass to Baskin Robbins ice-cream. I got a RM3 Weekday School Holidays discount for a regular scoop of ice-cream.

After ice-cream we did our Christmas shopping and thankfully we managed to get something useful for everyone on our list.

While waiting for our Mr Handsome Uber driver to arrive, we did some camwhoring at the concourse area.

After 3 hours of walking and shopping non-stop, Cass conked out the moment she plonked herself onto the car seat, oblivious to the horrendous traffic jam, which took us over an hour to reach home.

We reached home at 5:30 p.m.  With so little time left to prepare dinner, I whipped up something simple and quick yet absolutely yummy and nutritious.

Organic seaweed noodles with braised minced organic pork, organic cabbage and poached egg.  Besides the cooking oil, garlic and onions, everything else in our dinner is organic.  Cass loved it!  I still have another portion of braised minced pork + cabbage in the freezer, enough for two more bowls of noodles for us.

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