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Friday, December 8, 2017

Holiday Activity For Cass

This school holidays Cass is learning the ropes of cooking simple meals - from frying eggs to pancakes to cooking spaghetti bolognese.  She's learning how to cook all her favorite dishes.

She's happy learning and I'm happiest to part my culinary skill to her. Very soon, Drama Queen and Cass can take over the role of cooking while I put my feet up and chillax. I can see this day coming very soon 😁

On the job training:

Cass helped to wash and chop the onions, garlic, carrots, tomatoes, celery and mushrooms.  Now she knows that cooking spaghetti bolognese involves a LOT of work from washing to peeling, chopping and finally the cooking. But she had no complaints, though the onions made her tear up as she's the one who had been pestering me to cook spaghetti bolognese. And my spaghetti sauce is cooked from scratch, using lots of tomatoes and fresh ingredients and of course involves a lot of preparation.

Cass is starting to get the hang of cooking now.  The spaghetti bolognese that we both dished up was insanely delish!  Cass ate it for dinner for two days straight!

Below: Veggie and bolognese sauce for me sans the carbo; another portion of spaghetti for Cass' next day's dinner and spaghetti sauce in Pyrex dish for another day.  I love batch cooking  to save time and resources.

Below: next day dinner consisting of spaghetti again for Cass, reheated Hakka pork for moi (cooked by mil before she left for Hong Kong) and blanched broccoli.

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