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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Human Hair Wig For Bad Hair Days

I will never forget a bad hair day incident that turned disastrous that happened to me 31 years ago when I was just 13 years old.   I used to have really thick and frizzy  hair. I hated that when my hair was let down, I saw the resemblance of a lion mane in the mirror. My hair was that 'big'. I hated how my hair looked on my skinny and sharp face.  So one day, just before going to school (I was in the afternoon session in Form 1), I decided to take matters in my own hands.  I whipped out mum's hairdressing comb that has blades at the edge and started to thin out layers of my thick hair.  The result was a plastic bag filled with luscious hair which I stealthily disposed of without my granny's knowledge. Mum was at work then.

When I stepped in front of the mirror to look at myself, oh. my. gawd., I was shocked to tears with what I saw.  The bottom part of my hair was thinned while the top part remained thick. I looked terribly hideous. I looked more like a lion now! I couldn't go to school in that hair. I used a handful of black clips to clip down the puffy hair on my head while the bottom part of the hair was so thin now that it was as light as air.  What trouble had I gotten myself into?!  I had acted impulsively without planning how to thin my hair. But what's done couldn't be undone. I wished that I could put on a lace front wigs with baby hair on my head to conceal my ridiculous hair style. I was worried sick that I would be the laughing stock in school.  I can't recall exactly what happened in school that afternoon. All I could remember is I was so upset with my bungle and with how I looked that I would stand in front of the mirror for days and weeks to try to find ways of rectifying my ridiculous looking hair. But nothing worked. Only a natural looking wig like some cheap human hair lace front wigs for a 13-year old school girl could make me look and feel better. But alas, I went to the hair salon to have the disastrous bottom part of my hair all chopped off. It was a free hair cut done by one of those trainee hair stylists at a top hair salon in my hometown and I hated my new chin-length hair even more! I have never looked good in short hair. If there were cheap human hair bundles for sale back then, I would have pestered my mum to get me some to extend to my hair.

That mistake I made when I was 13 had taught me to be thankful with what God has given me. Whenever my girls complain to me how they hate their hair, I would regale and amuse them with this story. This story has never  failed to make them feel thankful with what God has given them.

Back to hair talk!  If you are often faced with bad hair days, don't split hairs over your hair. Head over to MaxGlamHair.com to get some natural looking wigs made from human hairs.

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