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Friday, December 15, 2017

Ipoh Trip - Day 2 (14 Dec 2017)

Hello from 'Par Lor' a.k.a. 'Yi Pau' / Ipoh!

Today we went to Ipoh new town to shop for biscuits for the biscuit-craze daughter. We went to Ching Han Guan, a well-known biscuit shop since 1949.  Papa and mum used to bring me to this biscuit shop ever since I was a toddler.  This shop used to be my happy place. I was allowed to choose any type of biscuit that I fancied.  Buying biscuits was one of our simple and economical luxuries in the early 1980s.  In those days, biscuits were stored in large glass containers and we could buy them in just about any quantity. Now the biscuits are pre-packaged and sold at fixed prices.  More profit for the owners definitely, eh? From Ching Han Guan, we segued into Yee Hup, another biscuit and pastry shop since 1981 to get more goodies for the girls and friends.



After biscuits shopping, we went to Kinta City shopping mall.  Papa and mum gave money to the girls for them to buy books as Christmas gifts from them.

Papa also gave RM100 to Alycia as belated birthday present.  The girl was bursting with joy! Who wouldn't eh?

The girls at the happiest place on earth for them - book stores. First stop was at MPH and then Popular.

Cass and Alycia with their loot:

After shopping at Aeon,  Cass tried her luck at the claw machines in the arcade. With just RM3 from me for 3 tries at the bouncy ball claw machine, she got a neon color bouncy ball at the 3rd and last try. No words could describe how awesomely happy she was. Finally, after countless of failed attempts at the claw machines from KL to Ipoh, she succeeded. Just a day earlier at Tesco Ipoh, she tried 4 rounds at the claw machines but didn't win anything.

A cheap mini bouncy ball that cost me RM3!  It is not so much of the value of the toy but the thrill and adrenaline rush one gets trying his/her luck at the machines that makes this past-time so addictive. Just like gambling, this addictive game can cause quite a damage to your wallet.  I saw a woman who spent RM20 on a soft toy claw machine at Tesco Ipoh yesterday and she left empty handed. And the cheapo looking soft toy made in China probably costs no more than RM1 or RM2 each 😬

For the second night in a row, we had dinner at Goose Incense Pavillion, Ipoh.  After a sumptuous  and satisfying dinner yesterday with Alycia drooling over the fried bread with prawns dish that the next table had, we returned today to try this dish.

The sweet and sour prawns wrapped in fried bread (RM55) is the bomb. The fried bread is crispy on the exterior and soft on the inside. This sweet bread is then dipped into the sweet and sour prawns gravy. It comes with a generous portion of big prawns. This unique dish will likely earn this restaurant a place in Ipoh foodies ‘must try’ list.

Fried meehoon with Chinese sausage, prawns, pork, eggs, red chilies and bean sprouts:

Steamed chicken with ginger paste and spring onions; steamed egg (Cass' favorite):

The bookworm wrapped up in her new novel:

Goose Incense Pavilion Restoran Sdn Bhd
33 Jalan Medan Ipoh 7, Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh.
Tel: 05 541 6006

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