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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Kitchen Helper Is Back!

The day after Drama Queen returned from her 9-day adventure in Hong Kong with Alycia, she was raring to cook again. That was music to my ears when she said that she would help me cook dinner, woo hoo!!

With her help, we placed 5 dishes on the dining table.  It was fridge-clearing day as the next day was our trip back to Ipoh.

Stir-fried turkey, onion omelette, Mediterranean potato, sauteed yau mak  with garlic and sauteed kangkong with fu yue (fermented bean curd).

The turkey is left over from our BBQ dinner, stir-fried with garlic and a special sauce that the foodie hubs concocted with turkey innards.  Very yums!

This Mediterranean potato is a completely new dish cooked by Drama Queen, the recipe of which she Googled for.  This appetizing dish goes well with rice or as sauce for roast chicken. 

Sauteed yau mak with garlic and sauteed kangkong with fu yue, cooked by Drama Queen.  The vegetables were harvested by the girls' grand aunt from an organic vegetables plot at the neighborhood that she lives in.

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