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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Father's Day Lunch At CawanMu Restaurant @ The 1969 Business Suites Boutique Hotel, Ipoh

For the first time in many years, we celebrated Father's Day with papa and the hubs in Ipoh.  The hubs booked a table for the celebration at CawanMu Restaurant @ The 1969 Business Suites Boutique Hotel, a hotel owned by the hubs' childhood friends.

The two fathers in my life ~ my dear papa and loving daddy to my daughters.

Chocolate cake specially baked by Chef Chu, the hubs' long-time friend.

Papa and mum, loving as ever. Papa lost his mobile phone during his recent trip to Eastern Europe (he had lost it in Poland).  Back in Ipoh, he inadvertently locked both sets of the car keys in his car and had a flat tyre while driving to the wet market to get coconut water for us.  Hopefully our presence and celebration with him this Father's Day lifted him out from his doldrums 💗

One look and you'll know that these fancy schmancy picks are from the post-millenial girls:

Mushroom soup and Nasi Briyani:

Prawn noodles and grilled salmon:

Seafood pasta and lamb shank:


Tiramisu (which comes really close to the ones from Alexis, sans the alcohol and strawberry sauce) and hot latte with chocolate chip cookies:

Food is superb with 4 to 5-star presentation. Love the ambience and the tip top cleanliness. Price will certainly not hurt your wallet too. This is one restaurant that I will look forward to going back to in my future trips back to Ipoh. Great place for long catch ups with old friends.

After our delightful Father's Day lunch, we walked next door to the 1969 Business Suites Boutique Hotel to view the hotel's wall. What's so special about this wall is the fact that  it has just made it into the Malaysia Book of Records for creating a permanent backdrop in its lobby out of 53,592 1 sen coins. That's about RM535 worth of coins.  The coins were glued to the wall one by one to uniquely display  the hotel's name "1969 Business Suites" which won the hotel the title "Biggest backdrop display made of one cent coins" as reported by The Star.

This Hotel in Ipoh Made a Wall Out of 50,000 1sen Coins, Earns Spot in M'sia's Book of Records - WORLD OF BUZZ

The wall which measures about 5.73m by 2.62m is the brainchild of the hotel’s founders. Two weeks were taken for project coordinator.

For those visiting Ipoh, this hotel is worth visiting and the wall definitely Insta-worthy.

CawanMu Restaurant
No.1, Jalan Lapangan Siber 3
Bandar Cyber
Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05-313 1969

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