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Monday, June 25, 2018

Sherilyn's Holiday Baking Projects

Apart from a trip back to Ipoh to visit their grandparents and several shopping sprees at the mall to get books (again!), the girls spent the rest of their two-week school holidays at home. Drama Queen spent most of her time googling for recipes and in the kitchen whipping up surprises for us!  Alycia had her dental braces fixed. My poor girl has not had a proper meal since last Wednesday, the day that the braces were fixed.

Drama Queen's first baking project was chocolate walnut brownie. Her second project was two batches of chocolate chip cookies, using different recipes, baked on the same day. She baked them on the eve of Alycia's B day, so that her che che could stuff herself silly with the cookies. Alycia's wish was  to eat all her favorite food before her B day, as she won't be able to enjoy them for a long time once the braces are up.

Once Drama Queen started baking the cookies, she couldn't stop the momentum and after cleaning up the kitchen, she decided at the spur of the moment to bake another batch of chocolate chip cookies, using another recipe!

After baking two batches of chocolate chip cookies, Drama Queen proceeded to cook  baked Mac N Cheese.  She sneaked out her grandma's Le Creuset French oven to use as grandma had gone on a holiday at Ipoh and Penang with her visiting daughter from Hong Kong.

While she cooked Mac N Cheese, I did a quick stir fry of broccoli and cabbage with egg and grilled curry and turmeric chicken.

Killing two birds with one stone in the oven...

Two days later, Drama Queen worked on her next baking project ~ minced beef and pork pie for her grand uncle who had just returned from New Zealand.

The plan was this : Drama Queen to work on the pie dough while I cook the filling but darn an annoying PMS headache, I told her that I'd take a cat nap and cook the filling later. When I got up from my nap 30 minutes later, the aroma of sizzling beef and cumin in the wok was wafting in the air! Surprise surprise! I almost drowned in the aroma!

Drama Queen's baking and cooking skills are getting better by the day. She started to bake when she was 10-ish and those initial baking days were really MESSY! Though the kitchen still gets messy and dirty, it's not as bad as it used to be. And her speed has definitely improved.

With the remnants of the pie dough, my creative 13-year old chef created a small batch of mini cheese puffs which were incredibly yummo and addictive! Within half an hour the cheese puffs were removed from the oven, they were wolfed down by her hungry sisters and crazy mom.

Later in the evening, I brought the pie to the girls' grand uncle's house and ate the pie together, sipped on Japanese matcha and munched on green apples that he harvested from the apple trees in his backyard in New Zealand.

Drama Queen's final baking project before the school holidays ended was lemon pie / tart. This will be in another post. Stay tuned 😊

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