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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Holiday Activities For Teenagers And Tween

Cass had to attend half day school for the first 3 days of the school holidays, special thanks to her dedicated class teacher who volunteered to provide free Mandarin tutoring to the class. Cass also stayed back in school with her team members to work on their History project.

At home, after grandma plucked spinach (organic ones) for dinner preparation, I gathered a few stems with roots for Cass to plant in our little balcony garden.

Eager beaver Cass ~ her first time planting vegetables on her own and happy as a clam.

No prize for guessing who baked this chocolate brownie eh?


It's super yummo!  Drama Queen can bake while her mummy can't, more of lazy and no interest. I can get her to bake any cake or cookie that I feel like eating and she'll run to her phone to Google for a recipe and start working on it. My job is to buy her the ingredients and her job will be to experiment in the kitchen. She even cleans up after her mess.   She's going to grow up to be a fantastic baker and cook.  And a foodie too, just like her dad.

Yesterday Drama Queen whipped up Guacamole (avocado, tomato, black pepper, salt, onion, garlic and cumin) for breakfast and it was a hit with her sisters. Today she made it again and dipped it with 3 types of crackers.

After breakfast, Berlyn - her bff's mum came to our condo to pick her up for a day's outing at Sunway Lagoon.  Drama Queen and Berlyn have been bff since they were toddlers in pre-school.  Today is their belated birthday celebration. Their birthdays are a day apart ~ Drama Queen's on 16th and Berlyn's on 15th of the same month. Though they are in different high schools now, they are still besties. 

I've read that if you and your friend have been good friends with each other for 7 years, chances are the both of you will be friends forever. I think it's very true. I am still friends with my pre-school, primary and high school friends and we still keep in touch via Whatsapp, video call, Facebook and meet up when we have the chance to. When two of my ex classmates went to the USA recently to visit two other classmates who are now living there, they Whatsapp video called me and we had a great time chatting for almost an hour.

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