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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Lemon Pie / Tart

Drama Queen's final baking project during the school holidays was a huge lemon tart/pie measuring 77 cm in circumference. It was super duper lipsmacking ~ can't believe my 13-yo daughter baked it with zero help from me but with free tutorial from You Tube! I only helped to buy the ingredients.

She spent many hours Googling for the easiest recipe and finally found two from You Tube. Both the pie crust and filling are from different channels.

1) Pie crust from Topless Baker ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEdbuJceBxo

2) Lemon filling (French style) from Tasty ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E55gHIOXZEU

On Friday evening after she got home from a party with her classmates, she decided to bake the lemon pie. It was already 8 p.m. and I told her it's too late to start baking but she went ahead and got the pie baked within 2.5 hours, including Googling for the recipes. When the pie was done, I couldn't resist popping a small wedge into my mouth, though I was already about to go to bed.

Maybe I shouldn't call Sherilyn Drama Queen anymore. I think Baking Queen would be a more befitting stage / blog name for her now, though her sisters and I think that she is still as dramatic as ever 😂.  One thing's for sure, she's got talent and passion in baking and cooking. She'll definitely go far in future should she pursue a degree in this field but this girl is very adamant that she will not make a career out of this field. She has something else in her mind 😀

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