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Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday ~ 13 July 2018

Fridays are always very hectic for me, having to rush from one place to another. On some Fridays, my chaufeurring duty only ends at 10-ish pm ~ and this interferes with my strict bed time at 10 p.m. I could hardly open my eyes wide while I drive at 10+ p.m.. It's a torture for me.

Today while taking a super quick bite of dinner that I cooked (the mil is in Ipoh), I told Cass that I only had 10 minutes to eat as I would have to rush back to school to collect Drama Queen's report card. I was at her school at 5:30 pm, got a number and realized that the parents were taking an average of 15 - 20 minutes to talk to the teacher. When I was there, the teacher was talking to a mother with the no. 14 and I was no. 27.  It calculated the time needed before it was my turn to see the teacher and decided to go home, finish off cooking and do another round of laundry before going back to school in an hour's time.  From school, I braved through the horrendous Friday evening traffic crawl to fetch Alycia from the tuition centre, then walked to the nearby night market to get some fruits and organic vegetables before heading home.

Over dinner just now:

Me - my life is so hectic. I can never relax. I am always rushing everywhere like a driver. I can't even eat my dinner in peace everyday.  I am always swallowing down my food hurriedly without enjoying it. I hope that in future, you and your sisters can afford to hire a driver to chauffeur you and your children around.

Cass - NOPE, I don't want a driver. With a driver, I'll be such a lame. When my driver is on leave I won't even know how to drive! I'll be so reliant on him.

Me - that's why you also need to know how to drive.

Cass - NOPE. Having a driver is not practical. Having a maid is more practical. I want a maid.

From my practical 10-year old Cass who sometimes thinks like a middle-aged aunty 😁

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