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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Petty Crime At Home

Someone left this glass pitcher with this much of lemonade in it in the fridge.

I was looking for lemonade to drink this afternoon and what I found in the fridge made me wanna strangle that kid.

It is SO obvious why this was done, right?

Because she didn't want to wash the pitcher. And she knows that I will wash it. Or grandma. As she would have already been in school by the time her crime is noticed.

Lazy girl.  Had she been around at that time, I would have made her wash it till it's squeak clean inside out.

This happens not only to the pitcher but to the ice moulds and wrappers of chocolate and biscuit with zilch content inside left inside the snack drawer and empty punnets left in the fridge. Can you believe it? And no one would admit their crime. When caught red-handed, they give me a cheeky grin and an apology. They know that their only punishment is that they will have to throw the empty wrapper / punnet away or refill water into the ice moulds. I must think of a harsher punishment now!

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