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Monday, August 27, 2018

Kindness From A Neighbor

Our neighbor who lives opposite our unit gave me a very pleasant surprise a few days ago.  When our house door bell rang, I opened the door without first checking through the peephole who it was thinking that it was Alycia who was back from school. When I opened the door, I was shocked to see my neighbor (who has a slight resemblance of Tony Fernandez) who lives opposite our unit standing there! Smiling at me 😀.  He hardly ever smiled at us and always has a serious look hanging on his face.

He is an Indian bachelor and we hardly talk to each other except for the occasional hi and bye.  He did strike a conversation once when he commented that Cass was very pretty. That was about 2  years ago.

I could see that he tried hard to appear relax and friendly the moment the door was opened.  It was a pretty awkward moment for me.  I could see that he felt awkward too. On his hand was a big plastic bag with a packet of coconut buns inside, which he passed to me while telling me the story of how the buns came about. He told me that he had queued up for almost an hour to buy the coconut buns from Hiap Joo, a very well-known bakery in JB (popular for their coconut buns and banana cake) the previous night.  This bakery is perpetually swamped with customers with long queues, it seems. He wanted to buy only a packet but then he was told that he had to buy like 10 packets?  He was talking so fast that I could barely catch every word he was saying.  He further added that the buns were very nice and still fresh as he had reached home at 12 midnight. He said that he gave some of the buns to his sister, friend and then remembered that I have 3 daughters.  I tried very hard not to appear awkward and was suppressing myself from laughing 😆

And you know what? After he left, I actually googled Hiap Joo Bakery JB to find out if what he was saying was true muahahaha!  But I couldn't find any information that says that there is an MOQ for the buns🤭

Though we felt awkward, the ice was finally broken. All these while since he moved in 3 years ago, our girls and I had the impression that he wasn't very friendly. And I actually have the suspicion that he was errr, gay, as I see young men coming in and out of his unit regularly.  Till today I still wonder what he does for a living. The hubs thinks that this man doesn't have to work as he is always walking around the neighborhood and working out in the gym. I have never seen him in a corporate suit but he drives a Volvo.  We suspect that he must be the son of some tycoon and he really never needs to work.  Anyway, that's his life and I have no right to poke my nose into his personal life.  But it was so sweet of him to have thought of us when he bought the buns 😊

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