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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Papa's 75th Birthday ~ 19 August 2018

On the morning of papa's birthday, despite having had a very heavy and sumptuous dinner the previous night, the hubs brought us all to dig into yet another very heavy meal for brunch. He chose Indian food as papa is a huge fan of spicy food. According to mum, papa eats curry almost every day.

It was our very first time trying out Vishal Food & Catering Restaurant @ Brickfields. The restaurant was bursting at its door with patrons when we stepped inside on a Sunday morning.  Thankfully we managed to get a table pretty quickly. And thank God it wasn't a hot and humid day and the heat inside the restaurant was bearable for me. But papa and Roy were sweating buckets after scarfing down hot and spicy food.

As a Chettinad restaurant, Vishal specialises in the spicy and aromatic cuisine that hails from Tamil Nadu. Heady curries are heaped onto rice (choose from biryani or white rice) on individual banana leaves. Scoop up the rasam, warm rice and dhal into your mouth and that will guarantee your place in the queue that snakes around this joint every Sunday.

Once we were seated in a "mess-hall" setting, huge pieces of banana leaves were laid on our table.  The girls were excited that they were going to eat from fresh banana leaves. Then  a staff came by our table to serve us the accompaniments for the rotis and rice. His tray was loaded with individual plates of the usual favourites of varuval chicken, mutton, bean curd, egg, fish curry, etc. that you can add on to your meal if you wish.  We were also given a 3-in1 tray filled with curry, dhall and chutney where we can help ourselves to for our rotis.

The hubs ordered a plate of mutton nasi briyani and the portion of the rice was really huge! So was the piece of mutton bone!  It was so good that he ordered another plate for us to share so that we could all leave his plate of rice and mutton alone 😆

All mine and keep your hands off my mutton rice!

I love the vegetarian accompaniments for my tosai:

Feel free to help yourself to these mouth-watering accompaniments for your rotis and nasi.
Vishal Food & Catering, Brickfields, KL-5

We enjoyed our Indian cuisine very much and were really stuffed to the max.  But the hubs suggested having cakes and coffee next! Very typical of him.

Vishal Food & Catering Restaurant
22, Jalan Scott, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

03-2274 0995;  03-2274 1995
Email: vishalfood@hotmail.com

After brunch, we walked to the Indian stalls located opposite Vishal to have a look-see.  The hubs was intrigued by the beautiful garlands sold at the roadside flower stalls. He suggested getting a garland for papa, the birthday boy. What a brilliant idea! What other way to make my simple papa happy than to gift him with a garland on his birthday.

Next, the hubs took us on a short city tour of KL around the vicinity of Little India Brickfields, Central Market, Petaling Street, Bangsar and Jalan Parlimen. Having lived in KL for 27 years, I've hardly had the time to visit all the touristy places in and around the Klang Valley. KL indeed has many beautiful and interesting places to visit. But to the hubs and me, living in KL has always been a mad rush from one place to another and being caught in perpetual horrendous traffic jams.

No prize for guessing who put the flower behind the hubs' ear eh?  😆

Our next stop was at Naj & Belle @ Bangsar for cakes, coffee and juices and another surprise for papa. This will be told in another post 😉

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